David Rockefeller’s 1994 Billion-Dollar prediction
“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the new world order.” 

Discover How a Handful of Filthy-Rich Influential Individuals are Taking Over The World in a Way that Would Make Hitler’s Mind-Control Games Look Like Kittens Playing With Yarn…

In this urgent presentation I’ll expose how a devastating “once in a century” event… along with corporate greed and corruption… Are setting the stage for a social and economic “time bomb” that will detonate right in the middle of the US… 

I’ll reveal the twisted practices our government is using to kickstart the next American Civil War…

I’ll tell you exactly how the upcoming collapse will steal your freedom, your food, your money, leaving your kids hungry, helpless and forcing them to scavenge for scraps. And I’ll explain what you must do today to ensure that you and your family not only survive… but actually thrive when the shit hits the fan

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You’ll learn the somewhat weird…but insanely effective 5 critical rules you can master today

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From a simple way to build a 5 year… 10 years… even 20-years stockpiles of super-nutritious food… that the government simply CAN NOT steal from you. 

Best of all: this still secret method costs you up to 20 times LESS than you’d have to pay on “survival food”, literally just a few cents per meal. 

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And many many more…

Hi, my name is Jason Brown

First of all, this is not my real name

I’ve chosen not to reveal my true identity because what I’m going to share with you today is highly sensitive information that might get me and my family in trouble

But I will tell you that I’ve got military training…

I’ve been on countless missions both abroad and on American soil. 

And during my 25 years of service I’ve been involved in many of the organizations of our country…

And it should come as no surprise that the better part of them are corrupt

All along this time I’ve gathered high-level intel that could sink their ship of lies

And I’ll be honest with you

The only reason I haven’t shared this information with anyone until today

Is because I was afraid

These people are as dangerous as they come…

But I couldn’t help it anymore

Red-blooded Americans…such as you…being kept in the dark

You have to know what’s happening behind the curtains.

And I’ve made it my life’s purpose to expose to true patriots the hidden dangers that threaten our rights… and our very existence. 

I’m determined to expose the political and economic cover-ups of our times, even if it means risking my life in the process.

But I’m gonna need you to keep an open mind to what you’re about to discover here, because believe me, it’s no picnic.

What I’m gonna reveal to you is something no other survivalist, prepper or friend of the people has ever told you

But before I go further I must confess… I have some bad news.

After being “one of them”, the elites know the valuable information I possess

And they are not happy with it

They want to shut down this page immediately  

So if you’re planning on coming back later to see this, it will probably be gone.

So please read this important report while you still can, because the disaster that’s about to hit is greater than anything you can imagine…

More devastating than any earthquake and more damaging to our economy than the Great Depression… and a whole lot more destructive than a Third World War.

Because the gut-wrenching truth is that this time, we’ll be fighting against our biggest and meanest enemy ever: our OWN people

According to Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, what we are seeing is called 


Right after Dr. Malone spoke about this Psychosis in an interview

Search engines began to change their algorithms so that only those narratives which fit the great MSM, globalist narrative were shown –

Try it for yourself and you will see that nothing worth reading shows up

So there’s no denying that he is on to something…

But let’s take a step back and let’s try to bring this closer to home

Well, to understand this easily…

Think of a divided society in which nothing makes any logical sense…

Just like the one we are living in right now

Then, someone comes, like a leader, or the Deep State for that matter

And this “leader” focuses the attention of the most weak-minded people in this society…on a small point

Like a cat following a laser pointer

It’s just like hypnosis only that it’s at a huge scale…

A large group of people is deluded and can be led anywhere the puppet-master wants…

This is the reason the US is now split into two groups

The sheeple whose default setting is to trust institutional narratives

And people like you and me, whose default setting is to be skeptical of them

This is also the reason why in the past few years… there’s been a lot of discrimination and violence against red-blooded Americans like you and me who are pro-freedom and pro-Constitution

And in most cases, they had the “LAW” as an excuse

And it’s getting worse

Think about it

Have you ended up in an altercation with somebody over masks in the past two years? 

Or, have you been denied entry to a building because you refused to cover your face or because of your jab status? 

Did security people or even the cops use “trespassing” as the excuse for discriminating against you when you tried to enter a store or a restaurant?

Or have your kids been denied the right to be educated and enter their own school because they didn’t

take the jab? – because that’s what happened to dozens of kids from California.

This is what mass formation psychosis is

And it’s just a way to split the people of this country even more from one another

It’s a society-wide brainwashing…

This is what has been used against the global population throughout the past few years.

And it’s not the first time in history this is happening.

Just think for a second

How do you end up with a “civilized” nation such as Germany…
Turning into a state-run murder machine? 

How does a nation start pushing people in wheelchairs out of third-story windows, and babies are swung by the feet to crack against the trees? 

How do the people who are renowned for precision machinery turn to using that ability to hunt down women and kids and pump poisonous gas into their lungs?

And if you didn’t know, Zyklon B… the gas used by the nazis… was made by the big pharma company Bayer

And after their “products” killed millions of people during World War Two

Nowadays they are alive and well

Still killing millions of our peers with their poisonous pills

But this time they are not doing it in your face like they used to.

This is “hypnosis” by the book…

There’s no better word than this to describe what happened to the Germans. 

And if you look at other totalitarian regimes throughout history, you’ll see the same.

Stalin, for example killed somewhere between 25 million and 50 million* people during his time in power…

To get a good grip over that number…that’s at least 3 times the population of New York City

And the funny part…people actually loved him

At his funeral millions cried

And if you were to take a walk down modern-day Russia you’d still find dozens of Babushkas to tell you how great those times were…

This is brain-washing at its finest

But let’s get back to our times and see…

 Just what do you need to get the whole world at your fingertips? 

According to scientific evidence, there are four basic conditions that need to be met in order for a society to be vulnerable to mass hypnosis. 

Condition No. 1
Lack of Connection

Many people struggled with loneliness long before those two past years…

And then with the ongoing lockdowns, isolation, and the fear of one another…

This lack of community has gotten to a dangerous degree. 

And now they are robbing people of their faces…

The isolation is forced upon you even when you are out in public. 

Have you ever seen the war costume of an ancient warrior?

They used to cover their faces when they went into combat!

Just like they are forcing us to do now.

This makes the person in front of you look less like a person and more like a monster

Instead of a man – who could be killed…

Now standing in front of you with a katana raised high is a bizarre-looking monster.

Dehumanization breeds fear

This is a form of psychological warfare….

And this is what they are doing with us today

Forcing us to keep our faces covered so that we don’t look like “people” anymore…

It’s just another way to take our liberty…

Condition no. 2
Lack of meaning and purpose in people’s life

A recent poll of young people in the UK revealed that 89 percent of those aged 16-29, “believe that their lives have no meaning or purpose.”* 

Half of all adults believe that their jobs are completely meaningless and are basically “sleepwalking” through their day.

And the masterminds from Silicon Valley are to be blamed for this

All their social media platforms are just a way to brainwash people.

Just imagine how teenagers feel in a world like this

Looking at all those so-called influencers living the life of their dreams…

And then looking at their own life – just another kid from a little town with no real opportunities

It’s no wonder they feel worthless

And this leads me to 

Condition no. 3
Free-floating anxiety

A quick count of the number of depression medications prescribed each year

Shows that more and more Americans are crushed by anxiety and depression

And here’s where Big Pharma comes into play – shaking hands with Big Tech billionaires who pour gasoline on the fire.

Because prescription meds might be now one of the biggest problems in our country…since they dumb down the people until they are just some useless zombies

Opioid epidemic, painkillers and drug abuse concept with close up on a bottle of prescription drugs and hydrocodone pills falling out of it on white[/caption]

And on top of that, there’s this huge amount of panic and fear generated by something that everyone has a hard time putting their finger on 

You are always unsure. 

Not knowing when you are going to be potentially harmed.

It’s the fear that walking down the grocery store is what’s going to bring your death…

You just touched a door. Was it clean? 

Have you touched your face lately? 

Did you hear about Matt? He tested positive. So-and-so is in the hospital.

All of this has created two solid years of mass panic as people have become afraid of the world around them.

Condition no. 4
High levels of frustration and aggression

If you spend any time on social media these days, you will experience the hate present in the world today. 

People are fighting over the dumbest things – from politics and religion to which actor played better in their favorite movie

And the puppet-masters that are controlling our world are using this aggression to their advantage

Trying to get us against one another – 

Two armies fighting their war…

while they are stuffing their pockets with more and more blood money

These are the only four conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to get full control over the masses

And  we checked all four of them

The Brainwashing Has Begun

Society has been given somewhere to place their anxiety and uncertainty

They formed a community around their “patriotic” struggle against a common goal. 

During the Holocaust, it was the need to create the “superman”…

To rid the world of genetic disease, to get rid of the infirm and crippled which led to the extermination of millions 

Now, “flattening the curve” is the goal

This has given the sheeple the human connection they wanted

Saving every life from dying of the virus is the most important thing

All other psychological, economic, and social losses are not worthy to be concerned
This explains why so many have bought into a clearly illogical narrative, and why they are willing to do stupid things

Science, logic and correctness have nothing to do with it

Humans crave community and long for social bonds.

Now that these connections have been forged, they are nearly impossible to break. 

Hypnotized people are unable to question the narrative being fed to them. 

You will drive yourself crazy trying to find logical reasons why the masses so eagerly accept everything that Fauci or other national and global health officials proclaim. 

But there is none!

The announcements can change with the wind

They lack any proven data to support

Openly contradict what was said the day before, or they say outright lies

But as long as they are supported in mainstream media, they are believed to be true. 

Take vaccinations in children 5-11 for example. 

The FDA approved an Emergency Use Authorization vaccine for this age group. 

Since clinical trials only started in the summer of 2020

There are no conclusive long-term safety studies

And according to the medical staff of Mayo Clinic

“It’s not yet clear if the vaccines will have long-term effects”*

 But the sheeple eagerly line up to vaccinate their children. 

This doesn’t make any sense. This is reckless. 

There is no science to back this up. 

But our leaders say it is vital. 

So, it must be, right? 

It doesn’t matter that health organizations are ignoring the science of natural immunity. 

 It doesn’t matter that no one is responsible for any side effects you may suffer.

 Apparently, we all must be willing to die for the good of the group…

We must be willing to sacrifice our children’s very lives because being concerned about the safety of the vaccine is now considered immoral

And it is disgusting to die from the virus

But is quite dare and honorable to die from the vaccine

And if this was not enough….

In Sweden, a new start-up company is making a lot of headlines by putting microchips that contain vaccine passport information directly into the arms of citizens…

The head of this new company in Sweden is warning that this new technology is going to move forward “whether we like it or not”…*

And it’s a matter of time until the authorities will think that this is a great idea to implement on the US population

And it’s sick to think that this is not a “new tech” at all 

It already existed for quite some time – now it’s just the time to bring it to the people

To take a little more of their freedom by injecting a microchip into their arms

The Bible predicted something like this would happen…

After the rupture of the church in Thessalonians 2:11 the Holy Book says: 

“And for this cause, God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie”


As you can see with your own eyes…

People now accept as a truth everything they are being told by the Elite 

This is “the right major crisis” the billionaire David Rockafeller warned us about 30 years ago

And now the sheeple are accepting and even enforcing the New World Order

The sheep are not seeing that their master is also the one that will take them to the slaughter.

The media, Big Pharma, Big Tech and the Government…
They are all hand in hand

Creating chaos by turning us against one another

You are witnessing the rise of the next totalitarian regime only this time it’s on steroids

Fueled by The United States of Corporations

And we shouldn’t even be surprised…

Just take a look at this

This is the trillion-dollar company – Blackrock

And all the companies that they control

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of them…but it’s their companies that for sure you’ve heard of.

Founded a little over 30 years ago…in such a short period of time Blackrock become the company that literally controls the world

They own all major Big Pharma, Big Media, and top notch defense companies.

And they are also the world’s largest money manager, handling a little over $9.5 trillion – that sounds like a lot and I’m not even going to try to grasp that number…

But it’s worth saying that they are playing with more money than the largest central bank in the world. 

Not to mention that they are working hand in glove with the U.S. government since BlackRock was the firm chosen by the Obama Administration to clean up after the 2008 financial meltdown

In other words

They are shaping your news, your life and your future..

It’s a conflict of interests at it’s finest…

Because they are using the TV channels they OWN to promote the poison they MAKE

But who cares what’s right and wrong for the people when you have the world at your fingertips?

The TV is just a big brainwashing machine…

Social Media is used to spread fear and hatred among us..

The mandates, the immunity passports, the quarantines, the mutations, the shortages, the inflated prices – are all a way to get the sheeple to obey.

And the end goal is to

…Start the craziest global Civil War you could imagine

You may not believe it just yet

But soon enough you will have to face the truth

Your greatest enemy is closer than you think

For now, your greatest fear should be your next-door neighbor who thinks you are a “far-right conspiracy wacko”

And all of those who’ve fallen into the trap because…

…Your freedom is their misery and your slavery is their joy

100 years ago, Gustav le Bon, a leading French scientist predicted that something just like this would happen…

He said

“The masses have never thirsted for the truth…

They turn away to evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to worship error, if error seduces them.

“Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim”

Right now, people like you and me are trying to oppose their illusions

To bring them back to reality

And for them, we are just “believing in a conspiracy theory”

But isn’t it interesting how every “conspiracy theory” always came true in the past 2-3 years?

But even if you know for a fact that we, the patriots are right…

For the masses, you are the enemy because you don’t believe the BS poured in the media by the Globalists

This is why they are after us and after our very freedom

And if right now you don’t make the right choices, when all the hell breaks loose

In the blink of an eye, you will realize you’re just as weak and vulnerable as if you had done nothing to prepare.

So now the question is 

How will you be able to protect yourself and your family?

Soon enough you won’t even be able to move around freely if you don’t comply and “fulfill your obligation to act in the interest of everyone’s health”

And even if you would be able to move around…

To go to the store and buy some milk without having to prove that you obey their regulations…

You won’t have much to choose from…since all the shelves are already mostly empty

Now is the time you should think of what you have to do, because time is running out…

And as the saying goes…

It’s going to get worse before it could get better…

And you are in for a really, really bad surprise…

Because the hoard of sheep turning on real patriots is just the tip of this iceberg…

The virus, even though it’s not as bad as they are touting…

It’s still dangerous…

And it’s here to stay

This is not a conspiracy theory..but a harsh reality, supported by science

As a recent poll suggests, 89% of scientists questioned know for a fact that…

This is an Endemic

New mutations will keep appearing from now on…

You’ve probably already heard about the “NEO variant” theyțve discovered in their labs… 

With a 35% fatality rate…

They say this new disease is “one mutation away” from being able to jump to humans

And it’s not an if, but a when…will it get to us.

If you ask me, after seeing the crazy things that happened in the past few years

There’s no logical reason why they would even want to get close to something like this, even in their “high-tech” labs.

But it’s yet another measure to fulfill their hidden agenda

And talking about new mutations…

Not long ago, in China, the city of Xi’an was under a very strict lockdown

Even worse than the beginning of 2020

People couldn’t even go to their local stores to buy food

And they wouldn’t say why, but a rumor has it that there was an outbreak of Hemorrhagic fever

That’s similar to Ebola but even deadlier

And as the Chinese government is used to, they are keeping their people in the dark, as well as the whole world

The only ones that do have inside information are the Elites

But it’s in their best interest to hide it from us

Since it’s just another way to divide us even more

But we do know one thing for sure

China is stockpiling

Right now they hoard half of the world’s grain supply…

They also urged the citizens to stockpile as much non-perishable food as they can…

So if this isn’t a clear sign that something is happening…

I don’t know what it is…

And like this wasn’t enough…

In the past months we’ve seen a rise in other “epidemics” 

A massive bird flu outbreak in Israel…*

An “undiagnosed respiratory illness” in Ohio…*

A different “mystery disease” has killed close to 100 people in South Sudan…*

Those might be just minor outbreaks…

But no one knows for sure when and where another devastating disease will come to the surface…

And let’s not forget about Russia 

Putin might be the greatest, meanest enemy of the United States

The tension between our countries is escalating by the day

Right at this very moment he has Europe at his feet

And he is looking to give Russia the power it had during Soviet Union’s greatest days

And our government most probably won’t lift a finger to stop him

Since they have more to gain from letting him take control over half the world

Then if they would really intervene and do something about it. 

The Elite is only looking after its own interests!

Everything that’s happening in the world right now…

Be it in China or Russia or in the furthest corner of the world…

Will have an enormous effect on us….the people

The Americans

Inflation has peaked at historical highs…

The shelves are almost always empty…

The gas prices are through the roof

People are losing their jobs…

Kids are denied the right to education…

The only ones that get something from this are the Elites that are pulling the strings


And this is exactly why I’ve put together this presentation…

You see, I’ve been prepping for almost half my life now

And last summer, at a family barbecue, Dave, one of my best friends, asked me some questions

Both regarding the intel I know from the inside…But also about how he can prepare for the SHTF situation that is approaching

My friends know too well that I don’t talk about my job…

And until then…except for some “insider” jokes now and then, he never asked me anything about it…

But seeing everything happening in the world, Dave was really scared.

At first, I didn’t want to tell him anything because this is literally classified information – learned after years of working in the system

But then I thought – Why not? 

Why keep this to myself if it can help one of my best friends…and even save his life

And that’s when I wrote down 5 critical lessons I’ve learned by heart after hundreds of missions

But these were not your usual – prepare a bug-out bag, stockpile as much food as you can, get a water filter and other B.S. like you see at so-called “professional preppers”

These were little known tactics

Exactly what I learned after a life in the service…

After a week, he called me, and said that he gave that information to some of his colleagues at work and that’s how…

…Word was starting to spread around

At first I was mad at him, because if the people in high places learn that I was the one that gave away this kind of valuable information my life is at stake

And soon enough, I was getting emails from people asking for my advice

And that’s what got me thinking…

I’ve dedicated my life to saving others…

To make this country a safe place for people like you and your family

I’m a real patriot, and I’m a man with the fear of God

I know way too many things that can save a lot of lives…

I can’t just keep it for myself

I can’t be afraid anymore if it means helping thousands of people

That’s what got me to create “Survive the 2020s”

And to start this awareness campaign…

So that every single American can have the chance to be steps ahead when the shit hits the fan

So I’ve broken down everything I knew into 5 easy to understand pillars

Each of them is the time-tested blueprint I’ve been using for more than 25 years every time I was deployed on a mission…

This is “military-grade” information you can’t get anywhere else

I didn’t want to create another run-of-the-mill survival guide

My wish is to provide you with not only vital survival skills, knowledge and hacks

But also to give you a complete plan of how to adapt to a long-term survival scenario

This is a unique 5-step-master plan tailored especially for each red-blooded patriot out there…

That will give you the exact steps you need to make to enable you not only to survive even the worst-case scenarios…

But also thrive and become the leader of your community

This is a simple system that anyone can follow, to make sure you’re never left unprepared.

Every skill, every tactic, and every survival secret you need is in this complete survival package: Survive the 2020s

You will benefit from all my hard work and experience but without having to go through hell and back like I have.

This is the ultimate survivalist’s field reference book which simply shows you all the survival skills you need to survive with your family through ANY crisis, even if you’re over 80 years old and can’t lift a rifle anymore.

With your family’s faith in you and the knowledge and survival skills I will teach you, you too CAN become a survival expert envied even by someone like Bear Grylls, even Les Stroud.

You will not find another survival system like this anywhere else in the entire United States…hack anywhere in the world to be honest

From survival medicine to power crisis, from food and water shortages to natural disasters, from home invasion to Martial Law survival – everything is covered in this ultimate survival pack.

Each survival pillar is laid out in short and to the point separate documents which paint a clear image of every survival situation you need to cover.

Simply follow the steps and you will never feel or be unprepared again.

So let’s take a peek inside the Survive the 2020s Masterplan and have a taste of what’s included in your order.

Pillar no. 1 – How to win the Survival Game

The information found in this guide will give you the solution that will help you overcome the gruesome hardships that will come

It’s so easy to understand and apply that it doesn’t matter if you’re in your 30’s or 70’s 

You’ll still be able to benefit from this knowledge and escape all the madness

And I’ll be there each step of the way, giving you notes and information that otherwise are not readily available

I’ve seen those so-called “survival guides” sold on Amazon and the likes. 

Filled with information that is as useless as tits on a bull.

Do you know that all of them suggest NOT planting shrubs under your windows? 

And NONE gives you a complete list of foods and their NUTRITIONAL VALUES?

Or how to properly run drills to see how you’d cope with a survival situation?

You’ll find those and much more just in this pillar of the Survive the 2020s Strategy

You will learn

      • How to survive and thrive in an urban warfare situation.

When the bullets start to fly in your neighborhood (they always do in a food shortage), you’ll thank everything holy that you had these no hold bar tactics in your corner.

Also covered:

      • How to keep police and military OUT of your home, even if they’ve got an evacuation order.

Think of the lifetime nightmares you’ll save your children when you know this simple tactic.


      • How to NEVER find yourself in a government breadline.

You don’t want to be in the position of choosing who in your family gets the last piece of food.

With the information shared in this chapter you’ll know exactly…

      • How to not only protect but GROW your wealth amid chaos.

The elite understand that every problem has a silver lining to be exploited.

Steal their tactics for using the crisis to come out on top of the economic food chain, every single time.

      • The TRUTH about having a gun.

Having a gun is NOT what you think and if you’re like most people, you have JUST enough knowledge to get yourself swiftly killed in a crisis.

We’ll show you how to tell real facts from fiction that actually ensure your survival when it comes to firearms.


      • How to turn your personal home into a rock-solid “bunker”, practically immune from major weather disasters and home invasion so you can sleep soundly no matter what’s going outside.

HINT: you can make it happen with stuff you already have lying around the house.

      • How to keep your heat, air conditioner, refrigerators and lights all running smoothly even if the grid collapsed WITHOUT spending a fortune on generators

HINT: generators run on FUEL! Fuel will be unaffordable in a disaster.

      • How to live off the ground when necessary, should you ever find yourself on the run, and live comfortably, healthily and even deliciously at times.

So long as the sun is shining and you know these secrets, it’s literally impossible to starve.

Here’s a big one:

If you are elderly and rely on specific medication, such as insulin, pacemaker or oxygen machines, or even if you are simply overweight, history would show that you would be the first to die in a crisis.

But, history would also show that with preparation there are things that even you can do to skyrocket your chances of survival.

Also covered:

      • The $50 medicine kit that can get you out of almost any medical jam, or at least buy you the time that you need to get help.
      • The REAL shelf life of life saving drugs and everything else Big Pharma won’t dare to tell you


Pillar no. 2 – How to Win the Food & Water Game

Because there was so much useful information, I’ve broken down this pillar into 2 separate complete reports

In the first one you will discover:

The Survival Food Guide

      • Quickly learn the never-ending food formula: an insanely cheap but very productive method to enjoy your favorite food and never run out of it…
        Because there’s nothing more horrible than watching your children beg for food, and see the tears in their eyes while they turn paler and thinner by the day. When famine and chaos strike, those who haven’t prepared are going to regret it bitterly. But use my systematic approach and you won’t even have to buy anything special…
      • You’ll be able to build your own stockpile of food just going about your daily life.
        When your neighbors will have to trade everything they have for food, you and your family will never know what it’s like to be hungry.
      • You’ll also learn how to find food if you need it once the disaster has already struck.
      • Plus which foods store well, which you should avoid and how to store foods in a hot climate…
      • And you’ll have a ready-made list with stuff that you already have around the house – which many people don’t know is actually the “ground zero” of a good stockpile.
        It’s very important to be able to use whatever you already have around the house, instead of throwing your money out the window and wasting valuable resources.
      • The Stockpile Vindicator chapter lets you in on where to hide and how to guard your stockpile… without ever giving anything away to FEMA.
        Did you know every house has “invisible spots” which can be used to hide your supplies so that no one, except you, will ever have access to them?
      • Which are the things that can never be stored, but nature always has enough of… and how to build your inventory of resources ahead of time.
      • In the Secret Ingredients chapter you’ll discover the multi-purpose foods, seeds and other items that can feed your wounds and clean your clothes. This complete list of good-for-all items is a real gold mine and will save you a lot of time, money and storage space.

And this leads me to…The Water Crisis Guide

      • An easy, cheap way to get gallons of clean, drinkable water from your personal “spring” even during the most severe droughts.
      • How to build a well and purify contaminated water without having to boil it…
      • Why you should never store water in this common container and you can end up “poisoning” your drinkable water by doing one very common mistake
      • What are the cheapest solutions to always having plenty of drinkable water even in the most severe drought.
      • The ultimate list of surprising places where you can find drinkable water, enough to sustain your family for months… even if you live in an arid region.
      •  How to preserve water for months…even years…without using chlorine or purification tablets or any of these modern methods
      • A simple way to get all the water you need to cook, drink and shower enough for 2 large families while others will have to fight over every drop of water or have to drink dirty muddy water.


Pillar no. 3 – How to Win the Mind Game

This is perhaps the most important survival aspect most people overlook

This is why Navy Seals train their minds more than they train their bodies

I’ve watched people die in mere feet of water, simply because of fear; they didn’t have the mental game of survival nailed down.

And at that point nothing else matters.

On the other hand, when your MIND is up for the task, you can do what others would think are impossible skills

So, in this exclusive report, you will discover what the four ways of acquiring mental toughness are

The first one is setting short term goals – this helps your brain to relax and switch off that part of your brain that tells you to just give up. 

The second one is mental visualization – while Navy Seals rest they visualize themselves succeeding in whatever training they’re doing. 

Most psychologists say that this method is just as important in doing the actual practice itself.

The other two are equally mind-blowing

Your mind is the most powerful ally you have, remember that!

And I will show you step by step how

      • How to stay calm no matter how terrifying things might get.
      • How to make the right decisions fast, and persuade the people around you to do what they must in order to survive.
      • There’s no way to sugarcoat this, but sometimes people will die around you. You have to get your mind ready for the apocalyptic days that will bestow upon us.
      • Learn the Samurai secret to control your reactions and do what others think are impossible skills.


Pillar no. 4 – How to Win the Weapons Game

In here you will find the information every single American should have

Yet only 1% of the population of this country knows

Since until today, it has been reserved to specially trained operatives

      • I’ll show you how to ditch what you have now for the only gun that outperforms them all.
      • You’ll never quite run out of bullets for this one.
        Warning: It’s deadlier and messier than an AA2 Automatic Shotgun… and it never backfires!
      • Once you know how to choose the right weapon and how to use it when someone tries to attack you, you’ll always be the one left standing.
      • This is what will get you out when the military police come for your guns.
        And there’s no way they can see this coming.
      • They’ll run from your house covered in shame, never to come back.
      • They’ll even try to cut a deal with you. And I’ll share some of the tricks on how to make the best of this opportunity.

Pillar no. 5 – How to Win the Financial Game

This is a very useful course which gives you the plans, resources and skills which will allow you to turn an economic collapse to your advantage

      • What is the shockingly easy number #1 method you have to apply to survive the dollar collapse (this is how Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase survived the cataclysmic financial debacle of 2008)
      • Why is there an urgent need for you to secure your liquid assets now so you can prevent the American banks from obliterating your entire deposit faster than the speed of light the second the economy crashes… Not even the banks that are insured by the Federal Deposit – the group that insures deposits for U.S. bank accounts – will not be able to give you back what’s yours
      • This is the Holy Grail of financial wealth: What are the best positioned 5 foreign currencies you should consider investing in if you lust for massive and fast earnings… and the best part is that the rates of returns are guaranteed by law

And much, much more

You will be the envy of all your friends, men will want to be you and women will want to be with you

You’ll be so filthy rich you’ll only be thinking in billions when everyone else will experience the shockwaves generated by the upcoming financial doomsday

The 5 pillars of Survive the 2020s make for the ultimate survival strategy … guaranteed to get you out of ANY disaster, without sacrificing a shred of your quality of life.

Unlike other survival guides, that just teach you the basics and feed you general information you can find online…

This program provides you with hundreds of pages full of detailed information specifically designed for long-term survival

Once the Elites will have full control over the sheeple you will think back to this moment and thank God you had the chance to take advantage of this life-saving offer!
But it’s urgent you act today!

Like Warren Buffett said earlier: “Whether it will happen in 10 years or 10 minutes… it’s virtually a certainty.”

You have to put on your seatbelt BEFORE the car accident.

Once it happens it’s too late

This truly is an eye-opener for anyone that wants to ensure that when society flips on its head

They’re more than prepared for it

The survival “payoffs” you receive from the knowledge you get…

Will ensure that you will be able to face head-on anything life throws at you

To come out with your head held high, proud that you had the foresight to prepare for something most Americans can’t even imagine

And this brings me to the value of the Survive the 2020s

As you can imagine, I’ve spent literally YEARS compiling, implementing and organizing this information to be as effective as possible

This is top-secret, extremely valuable information

 Even the fact that I’m sharing it with you puts my life in danger.

You can imagine that coming up with a price wasn’t easy.

It’s hard to put a price on a system that will not only keep your family safe and healthy, but will also make you a leader that everyone around you will turn to for guidance in their time of greatest need.

What is it worth to have the peace of mind this life saving system will give you?

What is it worth to know that your kids won’t go hungry and your home will be a safe haven for everyone you care about?

If I price it too low you’ll think it’s not as valuable as it really is.

If the price is too high, then the thousands of people who truly need this won’t be able to afford it.

So I decided to take the middle ground here and make sure money won’t stand in the way of your secure and happy future.

Because I know in my heart that every decent American out there deserves a chance to save himself and his family.

With that in mind I’m going the extra mile here and give you all the 5 pillars for just $47, when you hit the button below this video.

And because I want to make this offer even more irresistible

Digital product

I’ve added to the package 4 exclusive FREE reports

Jam-packed with little-known “field” hacks and tips to give you an extra edge in your prepping

First off you get The Martial Law Survival Guide

As the laws are played with every single day…you don’t know what the future holds for you

“Legally” speaking…

This is why this report is of great importance because this will keep you and your family safe from curfews, rationing of basic goods, enforced relocations, confiscation of firearms and supplies, and summary arrest/execution by soldiers, paramilitary police and other jack booted types wielding assault rifles.

Digital Product

Next up you receive How to Barter for Profit

Learn about the never ending bartering circle and how to be one step ahead of demand

Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on stockpiles, this is where the real survival secret lies: learning about the demand cycle of different items within your community. And, most importantly, turning that demand cycle in your favor. 

Find out how to barter a bottle of water for pounds of fresh meat!

Digital Product

The 3rd Free report is called  Riot Safety For Patriots

This guide has everything you need to know to keep you safe no matter how bloody the streets will get.

Fear and intimidation are the government’s main weapons against you.

But I’m gonna teach you 7 ways to neutralize and render them defenseless.

You’ll also learn first how not to be a victim and then how to avoid being sucked into a faceless mob.

Digital Product

The last FREE report you’ll get is: Make Your Own Weapons And Gunpowder

You will discover how to make black powder using only three simple ingredients: charcoal, potassium nitrate and sulfur. Sounds complicated?

You’ll change your mind after seeing just how easy it is to replace these with incredibly cheap household items lying around

How to improvise weapons and other types of ammunition even if you live in the woods and you have nothing but the clothes on your back. 

Did you know that you can even use manure, maple syrup or… dead animals? This incredible “poor man’s gold” will help you protect your family during times of confusion, strife and mass killings.

This is information no sane man can say no to.

These exclusive bonuses are worth $27 each, but if you choose to grab a copy of Survive the 2020s 

You’ll get them for FREE

This complete package covers all aspects of survival, in an easy-to-apply survival system, so that you never get overloaded by a bunch of useless info.

When I was out on a mission I couldn’t risk losing my time with useless mumbo-jumbo

Because it could have got me killed killed

That’s why I cut all the shit you don’t need

And put in this program only the absolutely essential information 

You’ll pay $47 ONE TIME and have unlimited access to the Survive the 2020s Masterplan, which includes the complete of 5 pillar-strategy of Survive the 2020s AND your 4 FREE Reports

On top of that, you’ll become a member of our survival movement and as I continue developing and perfecting new ways to keep you in good health, shelter and wealth no matter what happens, I’ll send you every new tactic I discover completely free of charge.

And you can ask me anything any time

And I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and help you with anything else you might need.

It’s a bargain, isn’t it? That’s deliberate.

I’ve decided since the Elite is getting an even better grip over the people, we must start preparing BIG TIME.

I felt I just couldn’t go on teaching my mindset to just a few Patriots. 

So I’m pricing this information–a packed program for everyone, even if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck or on a fixed income.

Only enough to keep this page up and running and pay for it’s maintenance…so more and more people could see it and learn the important information inside.

What’s the price of a meal when this information can save your life?

Especially when you consider that when the time comes you’ll have knowledge so valuable, that your neighbors will gladly trade you anything you want for it.

I’m talking about food, water, tools, even silver and gold.

For the immense value you get, I could hardly call that a price.

But remember, chaos won’t wait quietly at your door until you’re finally ready to stand up and protect yourself.


You need to ACT NOW, and see for yourself how people everywhere in this country are using my method to build their defense against the coming Civil War!

Here’s what some of them say:

George, from Alabama: 

“Sir, hats off to you! I went to four boot camps before I discovered your program, and I learned a lot of things… but I had no way of knowing, that is until I met you, that most of it was actually… well, just a bunch of BS. Now I doubt that those fancy karate moves would’ve given me a fighting chance when coming face to face with an armed criminal coming for my stockpile!” 

Lewyn from Detroit:

“What I absolutely love about this is that… it saved my life. Yes, sir, it saved me and my family from an armed attack that would’ve most definitely killed us in our sleep. We cannot thank you enough for the lives saved!”

Steve from Utah:

“I now feel that my survival preparation is complete, thanks to you. This is honestly the best survival program I’ve ever come across. I don’t have any more words to describe the major impact that your book had on me. Because of you, my family and I still have a future. Thank you!”

Daniel from California

“Jason, I wish I came across you earlier. I must admit that I’ve been doing and thinking a lot of stuff in the wrong way. And you won’t believe how much money I spent on survival gear, just to realize after reading your books, that most of it is useless in a real life-and death situation!”

Listen to these people and decide for yourself if you want to keep the illusion of having a normal life in the months to follow… or if you want to ensure that WHATEVER happens, you will have the means to live like before…

And even better!

This power is REAL.

All you have to do is reach for it.

I promise you: it will give you great peace of mind, knowing that WHATEVER the FUTURE has in store for this country, you and your family are prepared to overcome any obstacle…

And live to tell the story!

What you choose right now will decide your future.

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