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Why Promote This

Survive the 2020s brings a unique and controversial point of view to prepping. 

It shines a bright light on the shortcomings of conventional wisdom when laying down the foundation of a survival plan, while providing concrete, “battle tested” solutions that answer to every prepper’s needs.


This fresh approach is clear-cut and has all the ingredients of a best-seller: strong story-line, it tackles all the pain-points of the costumer, it has multiple discount, an effective funnel and irresistible products. 

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get your online marketing business booming! Why is that?

      • SURVIVE THE 2020s has all the ingredients of a best-seller: strong story-line, multiple discounts, an effective tested funnel and an irresistible product because it delivers unique information and little-known tips & tricks that tackle all facets of prepping.
      • This is a one-of-a-kind survival guide that is directed to anyone, novice or expert, that is looking for a sure-fire way of preparing for any type of disaster, be it natural or man-made 
      • Demographics: Men, ages 35+

⭐ High Commissions Guaranteed:

Earn 75% Commissions on the whole funnel (front-end sales and upsells), but as your sales volume goes up, you could reach up to 80% Commissions.

⭐ Optimized Upsell Package:

Survive the 2020s offers 3 maxi-upsells, designed to skyrocket your profits. The main product retails at $47. With the 3 upsells and a 75% commission for the whole funnel, you can earn up to $173.5 per sale. Imagine higher commissions!

⭐ High production value TSL

We guarantee to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, hooked and ready for the big pitch

⭐ Loads of Resources

We have dozens of banners in all sizes, email swipes, and other resources that you can use! Just let us know what you need!

⭐ Low refund rate

This product has been carefully designed by one of the greatest survival experts and it brings REAL value to our customers…

Also, our great Customer Support team guides every buyer all throughout the process and promptly answers all their questions.

⭐ Professionalism and Friendship

You get to work with professionals who know this market inside and out… and always get treated like any other member of our team – with respect and understanding.

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You know that a perfect storm is brewing:

  • Mandates over mandates that take away your freedom
  • Economic collapse looms over America,
  • Anarchy and mayhem are everywhere
  • Devastating disasters are on the rise all across the nation
  • Gun confiscation and martial law may become a reality
  • A global collapse and global war is around the corner
  • And our once-great infrastructure crumbles to the ground

Let’s face it there are plenty of ways for the “you know what” to hit the industrial-sized fan

You need a strong, well thought, reliable long-term survival plan.

Most so-called survival gurus out there don’t have a proper plan for more than 3 months, let alone a couple of years.

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The prepping community is in disbelieve over these startling discoveries

If tomorrow a crisis hits America thousands of patriots will be betrayed by their own prepping.

>>Make sure you’re not one of them

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Join now! This is going to be a wild ride!

And please do not hesitate to contact us for anything you might need!

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